» He who works alone, adds. He who works with others, multiplies. « (Franziska Friedl)


In companies, there are tasks that can only be managed together. This is similar in project management. Projects are special agreed forms of collaboration. Cooperation never is only an addition of individual performances. It is a complemenatary interaction of different qualifications, knowledge and experience, as well as different interactive parts.


Cooperation is the key to success. Therefore it is important to foster the right team spirit in a project. This includes knowledge transfer and cooperation in order to jointly reach tasks and achieve upcoming goals. Within this framework of interaction, it is possible to find the right solutions and stay within the planned time frame.


Coaching and supporting team members are essential in project management. Knowledge and experience play an important part. Teamwork is both, key and multiplier in project work. It increases the quality and dynamics of the output.

I support and motivate team members in my role as project lead or sub-project manager.

Benefit from my competencies and experience.

Team Management