Ask employees and departments concretely for suggestions in due time before start of planning . This stimulates curiosity, motivation and positive participation ...

Tips for Relocation

First step before planning:

Ask your responsible managers / departments for proposals regarding the corporate relocation.

Create your own relocation list of questions and proposals.

Ask for structuring all company’s issues and proposals by relevance.

Together with your management think about incorporation of proposals into planning and implementation.

Second step before planning:

Find out which departments and employees are directly involved in the relocation planning and implementation due to operational reasons.

Ask for a list of these employees with their contact details and responsibilities.

Find out what internal specialists are needed in the project group and clarify their project participation.

Third step before planning:

Plan in due time corporate communication on the relocation project.

Introduce the project team, inform about their contact details and encourage your employees to address questions and suggestions directly to the project team.

Emphasize advantages of the new location and inform about status of planning, important dates and reaching milestones.

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